Patricia Irish P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89132

™Patricia Irish

Patricia Irish

P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, NV, 89132


Solitaire by Patricia Irish is a 1 1/2 hour presentation show, or 90 minutes, minimum time length. The above video is of a 2 hour 45 minute play run time. This presentation can be done live and in person for a win. No interaction with audience or spectators is preferred. Send letter of inquiry to the above mailing address. Questions related to this show appearing for your hotel as performances send a email to . A payment button is available below for your convenience. Music by Patricia Irish and video played in the background or in media systems during presentation is available as seen on this website. Click the play button on any of the media players to pause and play.

                                         $10,000 Solitaire show


The video below is a close up of hand movements during play of Solitaire by Patricia Irish. This video can show you what happens from the deck everytime during play.


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