Patricia Irish P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89132

™Patricia Irish

Patricia Irish

P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, NV, 89132

Patricia Irish

Nevada cosmetology license (license not displayed).

Appointments are currently not available. You will be able to use the email form to request your appointments when salon servicing appointments occur.


Patricia Irish bio: Patricia Irish was born in California. She was born in National City, California, in Paradise Valley Hospital, in a section of the continuing city along California in one of the counties that looks like a never ending city of San Diego, California. Patricia Irish moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1975. Patricia Irish became a cosmetologist in 1992 in Arizona with the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Patricia Irish moved to Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014. Patricia Irish became a cosmetologist in Nevada in 2015.

The video above where Patricia Irish is cutting and styling a woman's hair that is taller and larger than her, is with her mom, Sharon Daniel.

Patricia Irish cosmetology services are available in a salon where Paricia Irish is independent contractor hired. Services to recieve will be able to be scheduled as an appointment after paying on this website by your transaction number when you send an appointment request date to Patricia Irish with the transaction number on it in the email. You recieve a appointment date of your requested date or available times and dates to chose from for your paid transacting appointment service payment that is paid first as ahead of recieving service. There are no appointment setting fees at this time. If you are required two appointments with a consultation for service for the appointment, or a return immediately to complete a service that can not be completed in one service appointment and needs two appointment times, there is not a appointment fee for this. The expecting services below are a servicing selection available for services available by Patricia Irish.

Cosmetology services not interested in recieving appointments for: permanent hair relaxers or permanent waves. Temporary hair relaxers are also not wanted to recieve appointments for, many are not temporary and contain toxic or poisonous and detrimental exposures to living tissue in banned chemical use in cosmetics of formaldehyde and not being formaldehyde free when stated that the product or products are, and a chemical service is not a temporary relaxer. Chemicals are not used in thermal iron services other than usual uses of styling products with alcohol and derived from alcohol, and thermal services are temporary services known as styling services.

Hair color: Shampoo cap color blending, matching, high lighting or low lighting, blending of full coloring area of the hair or blending to partial placements of chunks, stripe placements, pannel placements, multiple color level deposits in strand placements all over the head form, and basic regrowth blending. Can also be available for regrowth levels wanting and needing to be lighter or darker than the previously color tinted, died, or bleached hair grown out. Excellent for matching a haircolor tint, dye, tone, or color change when not knowing your stylist or designer's haircolor preference to name of product used or what was last used on you and changing a salon, servicer, or regular style or hair and texture when color treating.

Hair color service comes with the shampoo cap hair color, conditioning after service, a hair cut design shaping for a new design or maintenance to style, and thermal styling of a blow dry and iron styling. Salon use products are not available currently with a service as paid for service appointment. Styling products used in your appointment, as available, will be given to you at the end of the appointment, re-use and partial kept products are not wanted to keep and single use can be given to you per appointment. When the products are available for the appointment, they will be the products used in your appointment, and the price will be needed to be paid at the time of service if your product use is double  of shampoo, conditioner, styling products, or more than one blow dryer and thermal iron is needed of $50 to $100 after paying for your service in advance that will occur during the time of service. You will recieve your single use products in one bag to take with you.

Double process appointments that are not included in a shampoo cap service are not available to use this button. If you clicked this button by mistake, it's actually the same price right now. Ooops. Most single process services are a minimum of 3 hours and can take up to 5 hours with the multiple available services listed above at the same time being convenienced in one appointment. Varied time lengths occur of preperation of hair before applying hair color, including shampooing and drying before color service begins and then preperation of the hair in placement for hair color application, color application processing time, shampooing with or without ph balancing and time setting, conditioning with or without conditioning processing, hair cutting, and thermal styling of blow drying and with or without iron styling. This can occur to 6 hours where some people require 1 hour per step of hair service. There are no 1 hour, 2 hour, or 3 hour maximum time length appointments with this service purchase. If your time does not allow for you to be serviced of 4 hours or more, please seek services elsewhere.

Services requiring over 5 hours to complete with more services will be accomidated by, you will have to schedule for another appointment and will have to pay another appointment fee.

If servicing determins you need a double process appointment you will be scheduled for the double process appointment immediately in the salon without paying an appointment fee again.

                                   $150 Color/cut/condition srvc

Hair cut: Any hair cut not requiring a barber can be performed by a cosmetologist. Some salons are licensed as for the services of cosmetology and as barber servicing salon/shops, this does not always equate to the cosmetologist, hair designer, or other technicians of barbering in services. Though some salons are licensed for both, the servicer is not also simultaneously synonymous to the servicing by the expectations of schooling through different boards in licensing or national accredidation schooling expectations.

Hair cuts do not include chemical services and usually do not include braiding for cutting or as a finished style. Thermal styling by blow dryer and iron will be the only finished styles, unless preferring product application and leaving with it wet. Hair design styles of styled up formally, braided, or other design styles are not included in this service and are not available. Included in this service is a shampoo preperation for all hair cutting appointments, conditioner or cutting applicable finishing rinse, and use of cutting products and styling products on the appointment's hair during service. Whether your hair is clean or not, a water bottle spray down will not be available before cutting the hair. Synthetic hair, hair placements, hair clip wefts, sew in wefts, and glue in wefts are not available for servicing through a hair cut appointment, or removal of artificial and artificially placed hair by cutting. Artificail hair and artificial placements must be removed before an appointment is scheduled or paid for. Any appointment with residues of glue, solvents, abrasions, or infestation and outbreaks will be refused and money paid will not be returned if appearing for appointment with your hair unavailable to be serviced for a hair cut.

A hair cut can take 1 hour to cut. with shampoo, conditioning, and styling, your appointment can take 4 hours all together. Please have this available before making the appointment request and paying for your service.You will recieve your single use products in one bag to take with you.

If servicing determins you need a double process appointment you will be scheduled for the double process appointment immediately in the salon without paying an appointment fee again.

                                 $100 Haircut/cond/styleservice

Conditioning: Conditioning can take 2 to 4 hours and need 2 servicing applications in an appointment. Conditioning includes a shampoo service, the condition application and it's processing, and a thermal styling with a blow dryer and an iron. If you need another conditioning service, you will recieve it immediately after blow drying and return immediately to conditioning processing, and then return to being thermal styled to then be iron styled. Hair cutting products and hairstyling products will also be used on your hair during the appointment. 

Hair cutting and any chemical servicing is not available when making this appointment  This will require another appointment or another service paid for. Time does not usually allow for patience to squeeze in the other services in this process either. You will recieve your single use products in one bag to take with you.

If servicing determins you need a double process appointment you will be scheduled for the double process appointment immediately in the salon without paying an appointment fee again.

                                   $100 Haircond&styleservice


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