Patricia Irish P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89132

™Patricia Irish

Patricia Irish

P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, NV, 89132

Patricia Irish

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Patricia Irish

Patricia Irish bio: Patricia Irish was born in California. She was born in National City, California, in Paradise Valley Hospital, in a section of the continuing city along California in one of the counties that looks like a never ending city of San Diego, California. Patricia Irish moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1975. Patricia Irish became a cosmetologist in 1992 in Arizona with the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Patricia Irish moved to Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014. Patricia Irish became a cosmetologist in Nevada in 2015.

Patricia Irish started dancing as a stripper in nightclubs in 1992 on a usual basis, the same year she got licensed as a cosmetologist. For some reason it worked out that way. Patricia Irish couldn't use her name on a usual basis, or her familiar name of Patt, and started using the common stage names she would have to be known by in the nightclubs. Usually she got to stay with one name of Julia, and most people didn't know her stage name was completely Julia Zwyning Screaming Schitzophrenic Psychadellic Myme, when having also been called The Lean Mean Dancing Machine by some people and she didn't want to use a name that sounded like a piece of jewelry in a stripclub while people were used to already seeing her by her name and at that one people were using names that sounded like a pirate treasure without a theme to the club. She was usually known by Julia, she had a couple feature shows with it, you missed them. She doesn't like dancing to just other people's music, though often uses other people's music in the nightclubs that play other people's music, and likes alot of different types of it.  Other names like Loy (her middle name), J.J., Leia,  January,  Monica, and then also Patricia. Patricia Likes theme or skit shows or featuring, but often won't pass up just getting on stage to dance to songs she likes, usues alot of improvisation and basis of her dancing actually comes from ballet and jazz classes. Some stuff they don't teach in a class. They didn't have classes for stripping before she got on stage as a strippper, poles weren't the idea of important, and some stages were larger than 3 feet from it's pole to it's egde so Patricia (and as Julia Zwyning) danced different than most people around her. Sometimes she doesn't want to be on stage because it's boring, it's the same music and the same songs, and sometimes she can't get off stage. Patricia (and as Julia) doesn't smile on stage and doesn't like to talk to you on it either. Julia usually wants to do a dance, you usually want one, things aren't normal unless the room is moving with that and the whole place starts goingore people know other people's music and variety of it than you will of Patricia Irish's right now, though at times she will prefer to dance to her music she can prpbably dance to yours if she likes it or has.

The State of Nevada allows businesses that serve food and beverages to people as customers to choose to require a permit from their employees. One of them is called a Food Handler card. Patricia Irish got that one. The next one is called a Food Safety Manager card. Patricia Irish got that one. These cards do not signify that poeple as employees have been to a cooking, serving, or service school, or have a diploma as a certifier to them, and do not state experience.

The Food Handler and Food Safety Manager card will at times present a conflict of interest to people who encounter Patricia Irish, as well as to Patricia Irish in her personal, occupational, and professional appearances, by deciding that nail polish is not allowed as determined as a physical contaminant ability possiblity to food instead of a protector of the nails and hands to nail absorptions ability of bacteria from food and cleaning, chemical contact from cleaning, and their description of hand sanitizers to be concidered an incidental additive ingredient to food made, handled, and served as to be consumed by describing the hand washing process to apply hand sanitizer directly after washing your hands (and not rinsing it off). Many professional lengths of nail manicures, preferred nail coloring and polish, or professional manicures can not be concidered as non-conflictive of interest to this obsurity to food additive in incidental contact when not as a listed ingredient of packaged food or described as a ingredient to a recipe on a menu. She can not exclude this opinion statement to your notice of posting information about her at this point in time. Where this is still an optional decision to choose for businesses as it is stated on the information through the serving websites to the permitting cards, this still presents a conflict of interest in evey aspect.

The above video display is of food made by Patricia Irish which she likes.

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