Patricia Irish P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89132

™Patricia Irish

Patricia Irish

P.O. Box 19660, Las Vegas, NV, 89132


                                   $20.00 Incessant Dwnl

Click to the page Buy Incessant below, leave that page open, then click the Paypal button above or on Buy Incessant. Leaving that part of the website page open when clicking the PayPal button unlocks the files to download to your computer. This can be burned to a DVD for your own personal use. Please do not distribute or broadcast the video or from your DVD.

For problems related to purchases send a email description to  

or send a description to the same email address on the contact page with the Music and Video contact form


 If the website embedded insertion above does not download the media file you have bought, if you have no immediate download after paying through the PayPal button, or if download does not or can not start, use the button below to open the website into another page. Send a email with the transaction code if you can not download after paying for it.

Click the top or bottom of the video media flash player frame and you will return to the home page of this website in the same browser screen.

The button below is available to open into a seperate browser window without paying through PayPal first, and to the payment button on the website, where downloading is available.